Last week we looked at some ways to jump-start sales when you book isn’t selling which can be implemented for little or no money. This week will look at a few more powerful ways to get book sales going again, some of which require some financial investment and others that do not.


Change the title and subtitle

Sometime a book is well written, but the title and subtitle don’t communicate what the book is about to the intended audience. Some books don’t even have a sub-title – a big mistake as the subtitle helps to describe the book and get a potential reader interested. Remember the title and/or subtitle need to have two to three keywords which help your book to be found on Amazon through organic searches. Also keep in mind that if you change the title and/or subtitle you will need to change the ISBN for the paperback version, but not needed for a Kindle version unless you have inserted an ISBN into your Kindle version. If you have an ePub version of your book, then you will need a new ISBN for this as well.


Change the cover design

Next to your title the single most important factor in a reader considering your book is your cover image. This needs to be dynamic, communicate the essence of your book, and capture a reader’s interest right away. Anything less than a professional design is simply not going to cut it here. So, if you have created your own cover, used some software, or hired someone on a bargain website, then it might be time to redo the cover. Even if your cover is professionally done, it is very important that it works with the title and subtitle.  For both title changes and cover changes, we highly recommend that you test the new changes with your intended audience for feedback before relaunching your book.


Get some fresh reviews

As you probably know, reviews are essential to the sale of you book—social proof is a strong motivator. People want to know that others have found your book helpful. It is one thing to drive people to your sales pages, it is another thing to get them to buy. One of the key ingredients in making this happen is getting reviews. And it is important to have fresh reviews, so your book looks relevant. Even if you have fifty reviews, but they are from one year ago, you need to get some new reviews. I recommend getting a couple fresh reviews every month. Also, if you change the title and subtitle you will lose any existing reviews, but this most likely won’t be an issue if your book is not selling!


Relaunch your book

Now that you have given your book a new and improved title and subtitle, changed the cover image, and added some fresh reviews, it is time to relaunch your book. Think of this as a new book launch and plan some marketing with some of the following tools just to name a few:

  • Amazon marketing services, which I will discuss in detail next week
  • Social media
  • Your email lists
  • Speaking engagements
  • Press releases
  • Webinars
  • Direct mail
  • Blog posts

Sometimes it is just one small tweak that is needed to get book sales going; sometimes a book needs to be updated or given a fresh look and other times it is more complex. In any case, we would be glad to review your book and identify what needs to happen to increase books sales and then can help you implement it. Here are few examples of before and after from our Book Rescue services:

If you would like a complementary thirty- minute consultation to review your book and what can be done to jump-start sales, send me an email at

Keep writing!

Howard VanEs