My computer started speaking to me. No, I was not having auditory hallucinations!

The other day I was typing in Microsoft Word and my fingers slipped off the keyboard and onto other keys. I am sure you have had this experience – another unknown function of Word revealed itself— my computer started speaking to me. Yep, there is a narrator built into Word! Who would have guessed!? And it read the whole text to me – clearly, I might add.

With this revelation I have decided to dedicate this issue of our newsletter to five little known but helpful functions in Microsoft Word:


Turn on narration known as “Speak”

Open a document

Click on your Review tab on your functions ribbon.

Click on “Read Aloud”


So simple, but if you would like to add some customization do this:

Click on the Start button

Select “Settings” then “Ease of Access”

Click on Narrator and choose your preferences.


Get more information about what you’re working on with Smart Lookup

When you select a word or phrase and choose Smart Lookup, a pane will open with definitions, Wiki articles and top related searches from the web and present them right next to your word document. Pretty cool!


Select a word or phrase in your document

Right-click and select Smart Lookup from the menu


Pick Up Where You Left Off

Have you ever opened a Microsoft Word document after having worked on it the previous day and had trouble finding where you left off? If so, you are going to love this “Go Back” feature.


Press SHIFT+F5 and the ‘Go Back’ feature will take you back to your last edit.


Change Capitalization

Easily change the capitalization of any text. Convert the text to lower case, Sentence case, or all UPPERCASE.


Highlight the text you wish to affect.

On a PC got to the Home Tab, click the “Aa” pull-down menu near the font/size menu. On a Mac, select Format > Change Case.


Write without the distraction of the ribbon

If you would like a clean page to create on, the good news is that you can hide the functions ribbon at the top of the page—turning it on or off as you like.

Simply press Ctrl + F1 to toggle the Ribbon on or off.


Have fun!