Whether you are self-published author or traditionally published getting book reviews is very important for a variety of reasons.

Having lots of positive reviews gives social proof to the value of your book. In other words, if enough other people are giving positive reviews then a potential reader can assume that your book is worth purchasing or at least looking at. This is called “social proof.” The opposite is also true, if you have negative reviews, it will detrimentally impact sales. I always advise authors to have at least 7-10 positive reviews before they start marketing their book. You wouldn’t want to invite someone to your house when nobody is home!

On Amazon, having lots of reviews can influence your rankings. Amazon wants to see activity on sales pages and getting reviews over time helps accomplish this.

Now that you know why you need reviews, here are some great way to get them:

Ask friends, family, and coworkers.

Ask other writers, authors, and colleagues in professional organizations you may belong to.

Send a request to your database /email list.

Post on social media asking for reviews.

When someone purchases your book directly from you; simply ask them for a review.

You can also put a request inside your book.

Here is suggested text for this: Did you enjoy reading this book? If so, please consider leaving a positive review on Amazon so others may find this book. If there was anything you think should be changed, please email me at youremail@gmail.com.

(Note that this is much easier to do if you self publish a book because you have more control, but if your book is being traditionally published you can suggest it to your publisher.)

Here is what you might say in an email requesting a review:

Dear Jane,

I am very excited to announce that new my book “Your Title Here” is now published on Amazon. In order for my book to show up in searches on Amazon and help sell it, I need to have a few reviews posted there. Would you be open to purchasing the Kindle version of the book (only $3.95) and leave a positive review with 5 stars? Keep in mind only a few sentences are needed and you don’t need to read the whole book, unless of course you want to!  Here is the link to the book:  www.yourbooklinkonAmazon.com

My publisher has asked that we have the reviews up on Amazon by Friday September 7 at latest.

Thanks so much for your help and if you have any questions or need more info to post a review, let me know.

Susan Smith


While reviews are important initially, you also want reviews to be posted on a regular basis because the more reviews the better and you want reviews that are current which helps the book look relevant.

Keep in mind that people generally want to be of help and will leave reviews for you if asked. This is not a time to be shy!  When you send out a request for a review be sure to include a date your need it by. And be ready to follow up a few days before that date with a nudging email or phone call.

Now you are a review expert!

Keep writing!

Howard VanEs