The market for Audiobooks is hot! hot! hot!

The market is exploding due to the growing number of computers, smartphones, and tablets,whichmake it easy for the consumer to purchase and instantly listen to their favorite books.

Interestingly, Amazon has seen this trend and purchased Audible a few years ago. They also own ACX, which is the major distributor of audiobooks to Amazon, Audible, and iTunes, the three big platforms for audiobook sales.

At Let’s Write Books, Inc. we are excited about audiobooks because the digital platform is another way to easily repurpose the content of books while tapping into more channels of distribution, which means more people being exposed to your book resulting in more sales and royalty payments for you!

Let’s Write Books, Inc. has extensive experience converting books to audiobooks. Whether you would like us to handle the entire project, advice on how to find a studio to record yourself, or just want to explore the many options available for producing and distributing audiobooks, we can help.

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Below are samples of some of the audiobooks we have created:

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